Precision Machine Shop

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Precision Machine Shop

Large CNC milling machine capable of 3D machining from solid models

The PRECISION MACHINE SHOP, equipped with the most modern tools serves two basic purposes:

    1. To prepare electroforming masters and mandrels, in a variety of materials to your specifications. In addition, and of great importance, to provide the technical ingenuity and know-how required to prepare mandrels which permit the use of “grow-ins” and “grow-ons,” such as flanges, bosses, septums, etc., to achieve an integrated finished product and eliminate the need for brazing or other finishing operations, which would distort the extremely close tolerances achieved by electroforming.
    2. To carry the manufacture of your products from the drawings to completion, including machining or trimming when outside dimensions must be closely related to inside dimensions of a part and surface finish of part exteriors is critical.


The continuous functions of the technicians in this laboratory are to insure that tour electroformed parts meet the specifications and performance standards of the world’s most exacting customers.These customers include: Airborne Instruments Laboratory, The Armed Services (all branches), Barnes Engineering Company, Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc., Bendix Corporation, Brookhaven National Laboratories, Chicago Aerial Industries, Inc., Collins Radio Company, Eimac Division of Varian, General Electric Company, IBM, International Silver Co., Johns-Manville Products Corp., Mitre Corp., Owens-Illinois, Inc., Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Philco Corporation, Radiation Incorporated, Radio Corporation of America, Raytheon Co., Robbins Products, Inc., Sperry Rand Corporation, TRW, Inc., Western Electric Co., and many others.

Facilities include equipment for hardness testing, air gaging, chemical analysis, precision surface finish measurement, and complete tooling for precise mechanical measurement.