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16008 Surface Roughness Standards Set

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Individually Serialized, Calibrated & Certified Microfinish Comparators come with a Certificate of Calibration.

Measuring Conditions are listed with their corresponding values.

The calibrating system was calibrated to Standard Reference Material traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Calibrations are performed by Holts Precision inc.



Ideal for use in drafting room, engineering department or in the small shop. This set has 30 specimens, each are 7/8" x 3/8" comprising: 

  • 3 Specimens Flat Lapping:  2,4 and 8µ" AA
  • 3 Specimens Reaming:  16,32 and 63µ" AA
  • 6 Specimens Grinding: 2,4,8,16,32 and 63µ" AA
  • 6 Specimens Horizontal Milling: 16,32,63,125,250 and 500µ" AA
  • 6 Specimens Vertical Milling: 16,32,63,125,250 and 500µ" AA
  • 6 Specimens Turning: 16,32,63,125,250 and 500µ"AA

The Scale conforms to S.A.E. and military specifications for visual and tactile inspection.

Flexbar's economy, composite Set. No. 16008 consists of 30 specimens 7/8" x 3/8" of electroformed solid nickel. Each type of surface finish, such as flat lapping, reaming, grinding, horizontal milling, vertical milling, and turning, is truly and consistently reproduced so as to give the operator or designer a realistic idea of the feel, appearance, and texture of the machined components. A set of instructions is included with each set. By means of this set, or one of our individual (larger) standards specimen scale sets, quick and easy comparisons can be made, thus eliminating costly checking methods, saving valuable production time, and stopping the production of scrap caused by poor finishes.

Made of solid electroformed nickel a truly international set with markings IN AA (microinches) and Metric IN Ra (micrometers).

The specimens are electroformed replicas of original edm'ed surfaces.

This MICROFINISH COMPARATOR Surface Roughness Scale is made of nickel. It will not corrode.

Each specimen has the surface roughness characteristics of a turned metallic material.

Means the finely spaced surface irregularities produced by the cutting action of the tool edges, the feed of the machine tool and by abrasive grains.

The original masters and the electroformed replica production masters have been checked at evenly distributed intervals. Sufficient measurements were taken to determine a representative average. The rating listed is the average of these readings.

This is the term to designate the direction of predominant surface irregularities.

These are the irregularities which may appear at frequent intervals. They are not typical of a turned surface.

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