Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a "Certified" Comparator & a "Non-Certified" Comparator?

The Non-Certified comparator nominal values are engraved next to each specimen on the comparator, however the actual values may vary.

A certified comparator is exactly the same as a non-certified comparator except it is individually calibrated & certified so that the actual specimen values are known and shown on the certificate.

What is "Actual Value" versus "Nominal Value" and how do those values relate to the tool measurements?

The Actual Value is when the tool measurement values are tested & found to be exact & the Nominal Value is when the tool measurements are as close to where they should be without having been tested for exactness. 

I bought a Non-Certified Comparator & now that I've received it, I realize I need a Certified Comparator. Can I return the one I bought for a new certified one?

If the purchase was made within 30 days, you can return it for credit and purchase the certified one instead. Purchases made prior to that time period cannot be returned.

Why does a Certified Comparator cost so much more than a Non-Certified Comparator?

To certify each comparator, we have to send it out to a lab & have the measurements tested & verified for exactness. There is time & expense involved in that process & we have to pay the lab for their work.

Can I purchase either a Non-Certified Comparator or a Certified Comparator from a distributor or do I have to purchase from GAR direct?

There are several on-line distributors that you may purchase GAR comparators from. Please contact us either by phone or E-mail for some distributor names.

I have a comparator I want to have calibrated & certified. Can I send it to you for calibration?

Yes, just call our office for a quote and to make shipping arrangements.

Can I just send my comparator that I want calibrated to the lab GAR uses?

No. We have a special pricing agreement with the lab do to our volume of business. It would cost significantly more if you went directly to the lab.

Why should I be concerned with having "Surface Finish Control"?

In relation to the Modern development of high-speed machines, higher loadings & increased speeds of moving parts has resulted. In order to withstand these more severe operating conditions with minimum friction & wear, having a particular surface finish may be essential or even required. Therefore, it may be necessary for the designer to accurately describe the required finish to those who are actually making the parts. Machines are rarely designed & manufactured in the same plant & are often designed in one location, manufactured in another, & possibly then finally assembled in a third.

Looking at the various Microfinish Comparators GAR sells, I don't see what we are looking for. Do you custom-make Microfinish Comparators?

In order to meet the growing need for a surface finish control technique which eliminates guesswork & opinion, GAR does provide a custom-made comparator service. The comparators are produced in electroformed nickel offering a variety of shapes & sizes. They can be custom-designed & engineered for a specific use in the user's organization. We would be happy to discuss your needs & the specifics of what you are looking for & see how we can assist you in making your needs a reality. Just call our office or fill out the handy quick quote form on this site or chat with us.