About Us

We are the largest and longest established full service electroforming service center with over 44,000 sq/ft of manufacturing space. We offer a full service in house CNC machine shop that produces all of our mandrels and finishes our electroformed components.

GAR design and production engineers are available to assist you in developing a cost effective program for your product. Our services include consultation with your own design and production people, for the development of product designs which meet your performance requirements and which, as the same time, offer the most effective use of the low-cost, efficient production advantages inherent in the GAR Electroforming techniques.

We welcome the opportunity to work with companies that have the need for prototype as well as production requirements.

Our facilities include a full precision machine shop and an electroforming production shop.
We provide custom Electroformed
components on time with quality
second to none.
We guarantee your satisfaction.
Our facility has over 44,000 sq/ft of manufacturing space.
Our full-service in-house CNC machine shop produces all of our mandrels and finishes for our electroformed components.
Whether you produce products for industrial use, for sale to the general public, or for space age applications, Electroforming not only offers the unique advantages detailed below, but makes feasible quantity production of products that other methods cannot duplicate, at the price, or at all.
HIGHEST PRECISION - to tolerances unattainable by any other method.

EXACT DUPLICATION - the ability to duplicate or reproduce existing parts, or new designs, in unlimited quantities, with no measurable loss in detail.

COMPLEX INTERNAL SHAPES - to dimensional tolerances, surface finishes, and complex configurations beyond the capability of other methods.

SURFACE FINISH - ability to reproduce exactly surface finishes from the most highly textured to the most highly reflective optical surfaces.

INTRICATE SURFACE DETAIL - where exact reproduction of intricate, delicate surface pattern is required.
THIN WALL PARTS - where forming by other methods is costly, difficult, or impossible because of insufficient part material to withstand matching, spinning, etc.

METALLIC PURITY - where high density and freedom from contamination in part material is important.

PROTOTYPE WORK - where initial setup and modification costs render other methods uneconomical or where precisely identical parts are required - or where larger than model shop quantities of experimental parts are needed.

PRODUCTION FLEXIBILITY - where production rates must be quickly and economically expanded or where repeated modifications are anticipated.